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Adventure Canopies Kayak Bimini Top Cover Canopy Florida (6) (Custom)

Matthew Muzzio, Owner Adventure Canopies

I am a Veteran with over 11 years active duty in the US Air Force.  The last 5 years I have served overseas protecting our soldiers on a project associated with IED detection.

I became interested in kayaking a few years ago in an attempt to slow down and enjoy life a little more; smell the roses, as they say. Growing up in Florida I never considered the exposure to sun to be an issue.

In 2007 I was involved in an explosion that left me with 2nd & 3rd degree burns covering 30% of my body mostly arms, legs and face.

The first couple of years after the incident I was very cautious and took the necessary measures to protect my skin and allow the wounds to heal. Then my first trip out on the water with my family in the kayaks made me painfully aware of how harsh the sun could be especially now with my very sensitive skin.

The experience on the water was wonderful but I needed something to protect me from the sun! I quickly turned to the internet to find a bimini top for my kayak.  Needless to say I found nothing I would consider using for myself or my family.

The next several weekends my family and I started experimenting with several different designs and many trips to the local hardware store, until one day after many attempts, it all just worked.  We decided to bring the design on a family camping trip during Memorial Day weekend in 2013. Everyone around the water seemed to have questions about my canopy. I soon realized I may be on to something good, something that kayakers need.

I was granted a patent for the canopy in June of 2014 and it is now our goal to bring this to kayakers around the world. Our dream is to have the ability to provide everyone an equal opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, the open water, rivers, streams or even a favorite fishing hole in comfort while protected from the sun.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Matthew Muzzio and Family

Owner, Adventure Canopies