Kayak Bimini Details


Adventure Canopies kayak bimini provides shade from the sun without restricting your ability to naturally operate the watercraft. The bimini design allows for four points of contact for stability while also incorporating pressure release connectors in the event of a spill. The multiple sizes and dual mount options compatible with kayak track systems allows for universal mounting on various lengths of single person kayaks complimenting its universal design.

adventure canopy bimini kayak florida


Stability – Achieved with the patented criss cross frame with four points of contact. The design takes advantage of the tension achieved by the bend of the fiberglass frame to form a very stable canopy over the paddler. The stability of the frame offers additional mount points overhead for you to accessorize your kayak with a camera or even waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

adventure canopy bimini kayak FLORIDA 9 (Custom)

Adjustability – The sliding cross bar built into the frame coupled with adjustment points built into the cover allows the paddler to make slight adjustments to the width of the canopy to compensate for individual differences in paddle strokes. Height adjustments are simply made by adding extension poles to the back of the bimini allowing for unlimited adjustments.

adventure canopy bimini kayak

Adaptable – The four attachment hubs unique design allows for easy mounting on a variety of kayaks. Adventure Canopies is also working on a solution to add track nuts to the mounting hubs allowing users the capability of incorporating their Bimini into an existing or aftermarket track system.adventure canopy bimini kayak hub track mounted (Custom)

Collapsible– The design incorporates shock cord that runs through the frame keeping all components in-line adding simplicity to assembly and breakdown. A simple release of the cross bar and the other breakdown points makes the canopy compact to store.
adventure canopy bimini kayak collapsible 2 (Custom)


The recreational mesh used in our design is 100% woven vinyl-coated polyester with a long and durable life expectancy. The mesh is rugged and designed to handle the harsh conditions thrown at it by Mother Nature keeping you covered for years to come.

  • Black – Standard with every canopy
  • Orange – Be safe and highly visible out on the water
  • Yellow/Forest Green – Additional options to compliment you and your kayak
  • Other colors available depending on stock

adventure canopy bimini kayak color choices